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Welcome to Deprivation
Hello and welcome to the Deprivation Guild site, we are newly formed guild looking for new players to replenish our ranks. We are a three nights a week casual raiding guild with a wealth of experience in our ranks and officer core dating as far back as vanilla.

We've had an exciting start to our campaign. There's been moment of pain and moments of elation, we are blessed with some real good, competent and dependable players in our ranks and there is a good vibe about the prospects ahead.

we're really off the ground now, we have ourselves good players and we are making steady progress, im confident we'll piss all over first 3 bosses on thursday and we downed 4th on our 3-4th attempt I think, great jobs guys really, impressive.

MSV 10 normal is on Farm, steady progress in Heart Of fire 3/6, We are looking a Balance/Feral Druid and DPS with a Tank offspecc

Raid Days:-

Sundays 19:00 -late
Mondays 20:00 -23:00
Thursdays 20:00 -23:00

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Penguin / Nov 15, 2012
As some of you may have heard, our beloved Duke will be leaving us:*(
He's decided to graze in pastures new and is leaving wow, join me in wishing him farewell and the best of luck in wherever he ends up. With a reassurance that should he feel the burning desire to once again dust of the shield and come out of premature retirement then he will always have a home with us...

"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is
Necessary before you can meet again and meeting
Again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for
Those who are friends"

Farewell and Godspeed Duke....